The Game

Blast off

Put on your space suit and start your journey as an intergalactic property developer! Your mission is to build hospitable dwellings, cosy lodgings and luxurious estates. Your list of alien clientele is ever expanding, but so are their demands.

Planet with a view

The housing market is all about location, location, location - so venture out to discover the wonders scattered throughout your solar system, and more importantly, try to turn them into sweet profit.

For science!

Conduct experiments and learn how local lifeforms have adapted to harsh biomes and make use of your discoveries to enhance your structures and gadgets!

  • Procedurally generated landscape

    Explore the picturesque landscape on multiple planets

  • Location, location, location!

    Gather resources, build estates, and sell them for a hefty profit to eccentric alien clients. Find creative ways to satisfy the ever-growing demands of your customers.

  • Trees are friends, or are they?

    Tame and research the bewildering flora and dangerously cute fauna, and learn from them how to enhance your creations to withstand even the harshest of biomes.

  • So happy together!

    It’s easier to survive when you have a partner to rely on: enjoy the game with a friend in two player online co-op!


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